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Illinois Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse phone search or phone number lookup describes being able to search and retrieve customer information for telephone service numbers. One reason for doing this is identifying an unknown caller. Information provided to phone service providers when procuring the phone numbers are available in directories are accessible by vendors providing reverse phone searches.

What are Illinois Phone Numbers?

The last 20 years have witnessed an evolution of telephone services and a growing shift from terrestrial to wireless-based services. This led to calls to end traditional landline services in Illinois and a bill was passed into law in 2017 to ease the transition. A National Center of Health Statistics survey in 2018 estimated up to 59.8% of Illinois households were wireless-only while landline-only households accounted for no more than 3% of the population.

The five major phone carriers for the United States and Illinois as of 2020 are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular. They control 39.9%, 29.2%, 16.4%, 13.3%, and 1.2% of the market share respectively.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services have also shown exponential growth in acceptance and usage, with statistics indicating an increase in the number of VoIP numbers employed by both business and personal users rising from 34.2 million to 84.5 million between 2010 and 2015. Statistical data from 2018 estimated a total of 118 million VoIP service users in the United States.

Can I Search a Phone Number and Find Out Who it is?

Yes. When acquiring a phone number, certain information including names, addresses, and other contact details are required by the service provider to register the user’s account. Consequently, this information becomes available if anyone uses reverse phone lookup services to search for the user linked with the number. Phone number lookups can be performed to identify a person’s name, address, and other details. A phone number lookup may be conducted by address or name. Using these methods phone lookup services can help you identify the caller after receiving a suspicious phone number. It is pertinent to note that there exist scams which employ the facility to spoof phone numbers and, therefore, make it difficult to verify the caller’s true identity.

Is there a Free Way to Lookup Someone’s Phone Number?

While there are free phone number lookup services,  they provide limited information about callers. Services that provide more complete profiles for caller identification charge nominal fees. However, free services are useful for preliminary research before deciding to use paid services to obtain verifiable results about callers including details about names, locations, and even criminal records.

What are Phone Lookup Services?

Being able to identify a caller before answering a call, as provided by Caller ID, is important to avoiding unsolicited and unwanted phone calls. This can help Illinois residents avoid phone scams. However, scammers are getting increasingly sophisticated by finding ways to mask or change their caller IDs.

Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) has enabled scammers to get more creative with phone scams. They are able to spoof phone numbers to cause Caller IDs to display false numbers and route phone calls through several servers so it appears an incoming call is from a totally different location than it actually is. Understanding the tricks of the trade employed by scammers might prove crucial in avoiding phone scams and robocalls.

Illinois does not have laws ruling on the legality of using and providing reverse phone lookup services. Therefore, as long as users and providers of phone number lookup searches do not use them for illegal means, these services are legal in the state. Illinois requires that anyone must not use phone number lookup services with the intention to defraud or harm its residents. The state also does not regard identifying unknown callers by their phone numbers as invasion of privacy. This is because the records gathered and presented by reverse phone number lookup services are in the public domain. Like the rest of the country, Illinois public records are available to anyone requesting them. Lookup services simply make finding and aggregating publicly available records easier.

Most people running the phone numbers of unknown callers through reverse phone lookup searches simply want to know the names of these strangers. However, lookup services can also provide additional information. Even reverse phone lookup free services can provide the ages, genders, and addresses of individuals identified along with their names. These pieces of information are usually extracted from phone carriers’ databases of records provided when registering new phone numbers.

Paid reverse phone lookup services can provide even greater details and additional information about searched numbers. These may charge one-time fees or subscription fees. They can pull up work and home addresses of unknown callers identified as well as their photos and other pertinent information pulled from their social media accounts. Note that even paid phone number lookup services serve up publicly available records. These can be information put up on public websites by the subjects of phone lookup searches or public records available from county, state, and federal courts as well as different government agencies. Therefore, paid services can find public criminal records and help determine whether an unknown caller is an identified stalker, sex offender, or phone scammers.

What is a VoIP Number?

A VoIP number is a virtual phone number assigned to a user that is used to route calls to a user’s actual phone number. It enables long-distance phone services without long-distance charges. All phone calls are basically data transfer across long distances via a medium and the medium in VoIP calls is the internet instead of copper-wires. The process of registering a VoIP number to a user allocates a virtual phone number which makes it possible for a user in a specified area code to call another number in another area as if it were a local call. VoIP services have come to include text messages and video calling in just the same manner as a standard phone line. That VoIP calls are routed on the extensive data networks of the worldwide web provides the additional advantages of portability, lower cost, and higher efficiency in the data transfer. A single VoIP number can be linked to multiple devices enabling several users to use the same number at the same time. These benefits make VoIP calls easier for users and simpler than regular calls for scammers to exploit.

VoIP numbers are technically assigned to individuals and not phone lines in specific locations, and as such traditional methods of phone number lookup are not applicable as no standard location data is associated with a VoIP phone call. This means that a scammer can make a call from anywhere in the world and it would read as an American number on Caller ID. The ability to link a single number to multiple devices also means that standard identifiers for tracking callers such using an IMEI number cannot be applied and scam callers can successfully escape identification.

The considerable difficulty in detecting VoIP phone scams demands that extra caution be exercised when answering an unexpected call, even from what appears to be a familiar number. The FTC recommends some of the following best practices to detect spam calls from any medium.

What is an Illinois Phone Number Area Code?

The area code system was developed in 1947 as the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) by American Telephone &Telegraph (AT&T) and Bell Laboratories to simplify and facilitate direct dialing for long-distance calls.

An area code identifies a specific geographic region and facilitates long-distance calls to that region by dialing the area code in addition to the local number. The NANP is administered by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) and has been overseen by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) since the breakup of Bell System. Each state is provided autonomy in decision-making about the implementations of area codes assigned by the NANPA. The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is responsible for managing the implementation of area codes designated to Illinois by NANPA.

What is an Illinois Phone Number Prefix Code?

A phone number prefix code is the next set of numbers following the area code. Prefix codes provide more precise locations of phone numbers such as towns or districts. For the telephone number (217) 567-8901, 234 represents the area code and 567 represents the prefix code. If the international country code is used, like say +1 (217) 567-8901, +1 is the country code, 217 is the area code, and 567 is the prefix code.